Table 1

Association of clinical features and intratumoral lymphocyte infiltration with TLS

Clinical variablesTLSnegTLS+P value
Patients (n=64)3430--
Median age61.356.00.66
Female sex19 (58%)19 (63%)0.73
Curative intent at resection17 (50%)21 (70%)0.17
Immunotype A15 (44%)6 (20%)0.13*
Immunotype B17 (50%)21 (70%)
Immunotype C2 (6%)3 (10%)
Stage 3 disease17 (50%)17 (57%)0.78
Stage 4 disease17 (50%)13 (43%)
Disease recurrence†33 (97%)23 (77%)0.02*
Intratumoral Immune Infiltrate (cells/mm2) (mean)
CD3 +T cells90.8197.90.01
CD4 +T cells31.845.40.10
CD8 +T cells68.7152.70.01
CD20 +B cells7.124.4<0.01
CD138 +plasma cells6.044.9<0.01
FoxP3 +Treg cells12.025.40.12
CD45 +immune cells106.1274.1<0.01
  • *Fisher’s exact test, otherwise, p values from Mann-Whitney U tests or χ2 tests, as appropriate, with clinical information as recorded at time of metastasectomy.

  • †Recurrence determined at time of last follow up.

  • ‡Bold indicates p-value <0.05.

  • TLS, tertiary lymphoid structure; Treg, regulatory T cells.