Table 5

Multivariate Cox proportional-hazards models for TTimDC and OS for IBD and control cohorts

VariableHR (95% CI)P value
Endpoint: TTimDC (N=178, E=19)
 IBD vs control7.583 (3.003 to 19.148)<0.0001
 Never smoker vs former4.075 (1.35 to 12.303)0.01
 Current smoker vs former6.432 (1.734 to 23.859)0.005
 Prior steroids (yes vs no)2.807 (1.013 to 7.776)0.047
Endpoint: OS (N=180, E=113)
 IBD vs control0.894 (0.541 to 1.477)0.66
 1-year increase in age1.001 (0.986 to 1.016)0.91
 Female vs male1.439 (0.986 to 2.102)0.06
  • N means total sample size; E means total number of events. TTimDC event=immune-mediated diarrhea or colitis, death is considered censor. OS event=death by any cause.