Table 1

Patient characteristics

AgeSexBRAFTumor stage*TreatmentTime to irAE/test†Affected organ(s)Grade
(CTCAE 5)‡
Treatment of irAE
68MV600KIVIpi+Nivo2 monthsBrain and spinal cord§4CORT, MMF, IVIG, CP
52FWtIVIpi+Nivo2 monthsLiver4CORT, MMF
72FNot knownIVPembro3 monthsBlood (neutropenia)4CORT, filgrastim
72MV600IVPembro13 monthsColon3CORT, infliximab
55FV600IVNivo14 monthsJoints and muscles3CORT, MTX
38FWtIVNivo¶5 monthsJoints and muscles3CORT
83FV600EIVNivo1 monthColon3CORT, infliximab
53MV600KIVNivo11 monthsLungs2CORT
80FWtIVNivo10 monthsLungs2CORT
74MV600KIVNivo±Relatlimab2 monthsJoints and muscles2CORT
71MWtIVIpi+Nivo9 monthsNo irAE0none
80MWtIVIpi+Nivo2 monthsNo irAE0none
80MV600KIVPembro5 monthsNo irAE0none
77FWtIVPembro4 monthsNo irAE0none
82FWtIVPembro3 monthsNo irAE0none
76MV600EIVPembro3 monthsNo irAE0none
67MV600IVPembro2 monthsNo irAE0none
68MV600EIVNivo4 monthsNo irAE0none
62FV600EIVNivo3 monthsNo irAE0none
57MV600EIVNivo2 monthsNo irAE0none
68MWtIIINivo1 monthNo irAE0none
93MWtIIINivo1 monthNo irAE0none
  • *Stage III: locally advanced disease. Stage IV: metastatic disease.

  • †Time from treatment start until adverse event (and sample) or time from treatment start until sample in controls without irAE.

  • ‡CTCAE are a set of criteria for the standardized classification of adverse effects of cancer drugs. The scale ranges from grade 0 to grade 5. Grade 0 is no adverse event. Grade one adverse events have no or mild symptoms with or without laboratory abnormalities whereas grade five events are lethal.

  • §Encephalomyelitis patient.

  • ¶irAE during Nivolumab monotherapy. Ipi/Nivo treatment previously without any side effects.

  • CORT, corticosteroids; CP, cyclophosphamide; CTCAE, Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse Events; Ipi, ipilimumab; irAE, immune related adverse event; IVIG, intravenous immunoglobuline; MMF, mycophenolate mofetil; MTX, methotrexate; Nivo, nivolumab; Pembro, pembrolizumab; wt, wild type.