Table 1

Primary CD8+ T cell activation markers and checkpoint inhibitors 48 hours after exposure to SKOV3 tumor cells and various IgGs and IgG BsAbs (10:1 E:T). Results were similar for CD4+ T cell activation markers and checkpoint inhibitors

Test articleCD69 (%+)CD25 (%+)PD-1 (%+)4-1BB (%+)CTLA-4 (%+)
IgG1 control 0.1 nM2.7010.20
IgG1 control 0.01 nM2.
IgG1 control 0.001 nM2.10.61.200
SP34 IgG1_N297Q 0.1 nM32.
SP34 IgG1_N297Q 0.01 nM5.
SP34 IgG1_N297Q 0.001 nM1.801.400
Pertuzumab IgG1 0.1 nM1.50100
Pertuzumab IgG1 0.01 nM2.10.11.100
Pertuzumab IgG1 0.001 nM2.50.21.300
SP34+Pertuz IgGs 0.1 nM26.
SP34+Pertuz IgGs 0.01 nM4.
SP34+Pertuz IgGs 0.001 nM1.70.1100.1
SP34/Pertuz IgG BsAb 0.1 nM96.785.775.785.39.5
SP34/Pertuz IgG BsAb 0.01 nM84.765.551.779.73.5
SP34/Pertuz IgG BsAb 0.001 nM44.416.
SP34_F100fH/Pertuz IgG BsAb 0.1 nM87.573.85680.92.3
SP34_F100fH/Pertuz IgG BsAb 0.01 nM46.618.110.415.70.2
SP34_F100fH/Pertuz IgG BsAb 0.001 nM300.90.20.1
  • BsAb, bispecific antibody; PD-1, Programmed cell death 1.