Table 1

Final, optimized six-plex mIF assay conditions for characterizing the PD-1/PD-L1 axis

Staining order
VendorIncubation (min)2° HRPTSA-OpalLot numberDilution
1PD-L1E1L3N5.83CST30PowerVision5202 581 7891:150
2CD84B11N/A†Life Technologies30Opal Polymer5402 566 9051:300
3FoxP3236A/E70.5Abcam60PowerVision5702 553 3391:150
4CD68PGM-1300Dako60PowerVision6202 567 6591:150
5PD-1EPR4877(2)4.97Abcam60PowerVision6502 566 9201:150
6CKAE1/AE30.8Novus Biologicals30Opal Polymer6902 556 6261:150
  • *All antibodies were diluted using Akoya’s antibody diluent/blocking buffer.

  • †This antibody is not purified and is supplied as crude tissue culture supernatant. As such, the antibody concentration is not available.