Table 2

Univariate Cox regression analysis for recurrence-free survival

VariablesHR95% CIP value
HLA class II on TILs (negative vs positive)0.5070.288 to 0.8930.019*
HLA class II on tumor cells (negative vs positive)1.9640.885 to 4.3550.097
PD-1 on TILs (negative vs positive)280.6020.342 to 1.0590.078
PD-L1 on TILs (negative vs positive)280.4170.223 to 0.7790.006*
PD-L1 on tumor cells (negative vs positive)0.8150.198 to 3.3470.776
FOXP3 (negative vs positive)280.3760.194 to 0.7300.004*
CD3 (negative vs positive)280.4800.281 to 0.8200.007*
CD4 (negative vs positive)280.4500.245 to 0.8250.010*
CD8 (negative vs positive)280.4000.206 to 0.7760.007*
  • *P<0.05 indicates statistical significance.

  • HLA class II, human leukocyte antigen class II; PD-1, programmed death-1; PD-L1, programmed death-ligand 1; TILs, tumor infiltrating lymphocytes.