Table 1

Baseline characteristics

Advanced CSCC
Median age, years (range)72.0 (38–96)
Male, n (%)161 (83.4)
Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group performance status score, n (%)
 086 (44.6)
 1107 (55.4)
Primary CSCC site: head and neck, n (%)131 (67.9)
Metastatic CSCC, n (%)115 (59.6)
Locally advanced CSCC, n (%)78 (40.4)
Patients with cemiplimab as first-line therapy, n (%)128 (66.3)
Patients with prior systemic therapy, n (%)*65 (33.7)
Median duration of exposure to cemiplimab, weeks (range)51.1 (2.0–109.3)
Median number of doses of cemiplimab administered (range)18.0 (1–48)
  • *Settings for prior lines of therapy included metastatic disease, adjuvant, chemotherapy with concurrent radiation, or other, and the most common types of prior systemic therapy were platinum compounds (n=46/65 [70.8%]) and monoclonal antibodies (n=18/65 [27.7%]).

  • CSCC, cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma.