Table 1

Panel of antibodies and small molecule inhibitors that block different macrophage-recruiting chemokines/cytokines

Recruiting chemokineInhibitorCancer typePhaseTrial design/outcomeNCT number
CCL2CarlumabProstate cancer
Solid tumors
IICarlumab is well-tolerated with no anticancer activity as a single agentNCT00992186
CXCL12PlerixaforMetastatic pancreatic cancerIITrial is recruiting for a regimen of plerixafor and cemiplimab. Previous preclinical study highlighted the potential of plerixafor in reverting resistance to immune therapyNCT04177810
CSF‐1EmactuzumabSolid cancersIEmactuzumab is tested in combination with atezolizumab, as previous study showed that emactuzumab is well-tolerated and highly activeNCT02323191
CSF-1RJNJ-40346527Solid tumorsI/IIORR: 1/21 (5%)
CBR: 11/21 (52%)
CCR2CCX872-BPancreatic cancerIBThe combination of CCX872 with FOLFIRINOX chemotherapy resulted in higher OS of 29%NCT02345408
PF04136309Pancreatic cancerIBCombination of PF04136309 and FOLFIRINOX resulted in objective tumor response and local tumor control in 97% of patientsNCT01413022
  • CBR, clinical benefit rate; ORR, objective response rate; OS, overall survival.