Table 1

Patient and treatment characteristics

Baseline characteristicsN (n=19)%Treatment characteristicsN (n=19)%
RaceCNS-directed therapy
 Caucasian1789.4 None115.8
 Black15.3 Surgery and radiotherapy421.1
 Other15.3 Radiotherapy alone1473.7
GenderOther sites of metastasis
 Female526.3 Lung1473.7
 Male1473.7 Liver210.5
Histology Bone526.3
 Clear cell1579.9 Lymph nodes1473.7
 Chromophobe15.3 None15.3
 Unclassified315.8No of brain metastasis
Sarcomatoid component 11157.9
 Yes00 2210.5
 No1052.6 ≥3631.6
 Unknown947.4Brain metastasis location
Prior radical nephrectomy Supratentorial1578.9
 No842.1 Infratentorial315.8
 Yes1157.9 Both15.3
IMDC prognostic risk groupIpilimumab doses <4736.8
 Poor risk526.3Received nivolumab maintenance1263.2
 Intermediate risk1157.9Nivolumab doses, median (range)6 doses
 Favorable risk315.8Reason for discontinuing
Stage IV at diagnosis1684.2 Still receiving00
ECOG PS 0–11684.2 Disease progression1368.3
No of prior therapies Adverse event421.1
 01368.4 Provider discretion15.3
 1210.5 Death15.3
 ≥2421.1Immune-related adverse events1263.2
Prior nivolumab monotherapy210.5
  • *ECOG PS, Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group performance status; CNS, central nervous system.

  • IMDC, International Metastatic RCC Database Consortium.