Table 4

The standardized incidence ratio of TB in patients with cancer exposed to ICIs

Standardized TB incidence rate*95% CITB incidence rate in general population*95% CIStandardized incidence ratio95% CIP value
ICI exposure
 Total494.4492.3 to 496.561.460.6 to to 8.2<0.001
 Male428.2425.3 to 431.071.670.4 to to 6.1<0.001
 Female559.3556.1 to 562.551.450.4 to 52.310.910.7 to 11.1<0.001
ICI non-exposure
 Total502.6500.5 to 504.861.460.6 to to 8.3<0.001
 Male600.0596.7 to 603.471.670.4 to to 8.5<0.001
 Female407.1404.4 to 409.951.450.4 to to 8.1<0.001
  • *Indicates incidence rate per 100,000 person-years.

  • ICI, immune checkpoint inhibitor; TB, tuberculosis.