Table 1

Enrollment, demographics, and clinical features

Age: median (range)58 (18, 80)56 (26, 80)
Sex: % female4244
Race: % white99100
Prior melanoma therapy (%)
Tumor location (%)
 Head and neck2621
Ethnicity: % Hispanic or Latino33.4
ECOG performance status 0 (%)8686
Completed lymphadenectomy (%)6464
Median Breslow depth (mm)2.83
T staging (%)
 T0 or TX4.85.1
N staging (%)
Summary AJCC stage (V.7, %)
BRAF mutant* (%)3533
  • *BRAF mutation status known for 93%, 96%, and 94% of patients receiving vaccine, placebo, or total. Values shown above are percentages of all.