Table 5

Supervised gene set testing of correlates of anti-PD1 therapy

No. of genesDirectionP valueFDRPvalue.mixedFdr.mixed
IPRES (Hugo et al 2015)30435Up0.007770.03110.0003320.00133
IFN-γ Signature (Ayers et al 2017)2818Down0.8450.8450.8100.976
Anti-CTLA-4/anti-PD1 (Gide et al 2019)29223Up0.5070.6760.2250.450
  • Comparative gene set testing of prominent studies investigating transcriptome mechanisms of resistance and response to anti-PD1. The differentially expressed genes (DEGs) from IPRES,30 IFN-γ 18-gene signature28 and DEG from a large cohort of patients treated with combination anti-CTLA-4/anti-PD1 were tested.29

  • IPRES, Innate Anti-PD1 Resistance Signature.