Table 1

Clinicopathological features of gastric de novo diffuse large B-cell lymphoma with and without Helicobacter pylori infection

VariableTotal n (%)H. pylori-positive n (%)H. pylori-negative n (%)P value
Total no252(100)128(50.8)124(49.2)
Age (years old)
Endoscopic features
 Ulceration or ulcerated mass145(57.5)87(68.0)58(46.8)0.001
 Non-ulcerative lesions107(42.5)41(32.0)66(53.2)
Location of tumor (s)
 Proximal or ≥2 components39(15.5)31(24.2)8(6.5)0.000
Presence of B symptoms
 Normal (<200)182(72.2)105(82.0)77(62.1)0.000
 High (≥200)70(27.8)23(18.0)47(37.9)
IPI risk group
 Low (intermediate) risk124(49.2)85(66.4)39(31.5)0.000
 High risk or relapse128(50.8)43(33.6)85(68.5)
HPE or chemotherapy response
Histologic subclassification
TIL-Ts score
 Low TIL-Ts89(35.3)35(27.3)67(54.0)0.012
 High TIL-Ts163(64.7)93(72.7)57(46.0)
Chemotherapy regimen
 Anthracycline based‡52(20.6)26(20.3)26(20.9)0.961
 Rituximab/anthracycline based§72(28.6)40(31.3)32(25.8)
 Rituximab/nonanthracycline based¶19(7.5)9(7.0)10(8.1)
  • Proximal: Middle body, upper body, fundus or cardia; distal: antrum, angle or lower body. Non-ulcerative lesions: gastritis-like or multiple erosions on infiltrative mucosa, erosions on giant nodular folds or mixed lesions.

  • The χ2 test was applied to assess the associations between H. pylori infection and clinicopathological parameters. The p values with statistical significance are shown in bold.

  • *Total, stage IE, 96/55; H. pylori-positive, stage IE, 64/29; H. pylori-negative, stage IE, 32/26.

  • †Total, stage IIE, 54/47; H. pylori-positive, stage IIE, 28/7; H. pylori-negative, stage IIE, 26/40.

  • ‡Anthracycline based: CHOP, CEOP.

  • §Rituximab/anthracycline based: rituximab CHOP or rituximab CEOP.

  • ¶Rituximab/non-anthracycline based: rituximab COP.

  • **Others: surgery+CHOP-like/rituximab-CHOP.

  • CEOP, cyclophosphamide, epirubicin (≥70 mg/m2), vincristine and prednisolone; CHOP, cyclophosphamide, doxorubicin, vincristine and prednisolone; COP, cyclophosphamide, vincristine and prednisolone; ECOG, Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group; GCB, germinal center B-cell; HPE, H. pylori eradication; IPI, International Prognostic Index; LDH, lactate dehydrogenase; Non-GCB, non germial center B-cell; pCR, complete pathological remission; PD, progression; PR, partial remission; rituximab-CHOP, rituximab, cyclophosphamide, doxorubicin, vincristine and prednisolone; SD, stable disease; surgery, local resection of foci; TIL-Ts, tumor-infiltrating T-lymphocytes.