Table 1

EGFR targeting T cell engagers for glioblastoma in clinical trials

TherapeuticTargetFormat and engineeringDisease areaStatus (selected trials)
MDX-447EGFRxFcγRIBispecific antibody with activated monocytesRecurrent glioblastomaCompleted (NCT00005813)
AMG596 (Amgen)EGFRvIIIxCD3Bispecific T-cell engager±pembrolizumab (anti-PD-1)New and recurrent glioblastomaPhase I (NCT03296696)
BRiTEEGFRvIIIxCD3Bispecific T-cell engagerNew and recurrent glioblastomaPhase I (NCT04903795)
EGFR BATEGFRxCD3EGFR biarmed activated T cells (cetuximab and OKT3) with SOC (TMZ/RT)New glioblastomaPhase I (NCT03344250)
  • BRiTE, brain bispecific T-cell engager; EGFR, epidermal growth factor receptor; EGFRvIII, epidermal growth factor receptor variant III.