Table 1

Immune related pathways found to be significantly enriched in unknown primary melanomas compared with known primary as computed by gene set enrichment analysis (using KEGG pathways gene sets) (NES: Normalized Enrichment Score)

KEGG pathwaysNESNOM p valueFDR q value
Antigen processing and presentation2.280.00000.0000
Autoimmune thyroid disease2.250.00000.0000
Allograft rejection2.220.00000.0000
Systemic lupus erythematosus2.210.00000.0000
Intestinal immune network for iga production2.110.00000.0002
Graft versus host disease2.070.00000.0001
Leishmania infection1.980.00000.0007
Primary immunodeficiency1.960.00000.0011
Type I diabetes mellitus1.940.00000.0011
DNA Replication1.700.00970.0386
Toll like receptor signaling pathway1.690.00000.0364
Viral myocarditis1.690.00310.0342
Pantothenate and Coa Biosynthesis1.680.02030.0358
Prion diseases1.630.00840.0564
Natural killer cell mediated cytotoxicity1.630.00300.0531
Protein export1.620.01880.0529
Starch and sucrose metabolism1.570.01610.0776
Complement and coagulation cascades1.560.01420.0774
Cell adhesion molecules cams1.550.00310.0777
  • FDR, false discovery rate; NOM p-val, Nominal p value.