Table 1

Epidemiological and clinicopathological characteristics of eCPMV-treated and control canine IMC patients

PatientAge, y.Weight, kgTS,* cmTS,† cm3BreedTypeHisto. gradeHisto. typesdLVILNITherapyOS, days
eCPMV-treated IMC patients
P111.010.315.174.8MixedPrimaryIIISpecial typeYesYes+FCT174
P410.717.017.352.7Kerry Blue TerrierSecondaryIIISimpleYesYes+FCT165
P511. FriseSecondaryIIISimpleYesYes+FCT67
Control IMC patients
P913. SchnauzerSecondaryIIISimpleYesYesFCT63
  • Age at diagnosis in years.

  • +FCT indicates that eCPMV-treated dogs received FCT therapy starting after second eCPMV injection until surgery or death, and P1 and P5 continued on FCT as adjuvant therapy until death.

  • *TS refers to the largest diameter of the target tumor in cm.

  • †TS refers to tumor volume in cm3; type, refers to primary and secondary IMC.

  • DA, ductal associated; eCPMV, empty cowpea mosaic virus; FCT, firocoxib+cyclophosphamide+toceranib; Histo, histologic; IMC, inflammatory mammary cancer; LNI, regional lymph node involvement; OS, overall survival time; sdLVI, superficial dermal lymphovascular invasion; TS, tumor size.