Table 2

Univariable and multivariable Cox regression analysis regarding progression-free and overall survival after immunotherapy start in the IMIT NSCLC validation cohort

NHR95% CIP valueNHR95% CIP value
Univariate Cox regression
CRP kinetics107107
 Responder0.420.25 to 0.69<0.0010.370.21 to 0.65<0.001
 Flare0.320.18 to 0.56<0.0010.260.13 to 0.50<0.001
PD-L1 expression (TPS)7272
 PDL <50%
 PDL≥50%0.620.35 to to 1.120.11
Baseline CRP103103
 Baseline CRP ≤5 mg/L
 Baseline CRP >5 mg/L1.891.09 to 3.270.0241.891.01 to 3.540.047
Baseline LDH102102
 Baseline LDH ≤250 U/L
 Baseline LDH >250 U/L1.971.25 to 3.100.0041.921.16 to 3.200.011
Baseline NLR103103
 Baseline NLR ≤4.7
 Baseline NLR >4.71.340.86 to to 2.740.049
Presence of cerebral metastasis104104
 Yes2.131.35 to 3.360.0012.391.45 to 3.93<0.001
Multivariate Cox regression
CRP kinetics9191
 Responder0.200.10 to 0.39<0.0010.200.10 to 0.42<0.001
 Flare0.270.14 to 0.52<0.0010.220.10 to 0.48<0.001
Baseline CRP9191
 Baseline CRP ≤5 mg/L
 Baseline CRP >5 mg/L2.031.04 to 3.970.0381.910.91 to 4.010.088
Baseline LDH9191
 Baseline LDH ≤250 U/L
 Baseline LDH >250 U/L2.931.68 to 5.11<0.0012.381.34 to 4.240.003
Baseline NLR9191
 Baseline NLR ≤4.7
 Baseline NLR >4.70.850.50 to 1.440.51.430.78 to 2.590.2
Presence of cerebral metastasis9191
 Yes1.450.88 to 2.400.151.470.85 to 2.550.2
  • CRP, C reactive protein; IMIT, immune monitoring of immune therapy; LDH, lactate dehydrogenase; NLR, neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio; NSCLC, non-small cell lung cancer; OS, overall survival; PD-L1, programmed death-ligand 1; PFS, progression-free survival; TPS, tumor proportion score.