Table 2

Tumor responses

Tumor responsesAll patients
Radiological evaluation
RECIST 1.1—no. (%)N=36
 Patients with target disease6 (16.7)
 Patients with non-target disease only30 (83.3)
 Complete response (CR)0
 Partial response4 (66.7)
 Stable disease2 (33.3)
 Non-CR/non-PD30 (83.3)
 Progressive disease (PD)0
 Objective response rate66.7
 Disease control rate100
PERCIST—no. (%)N=31
 Complete metabolic response0
 Partial metabolic response19 (61.3)
 Stable metabolic response11 (35.5)
 Progressive metabolic response1 (3.2)
Pathological evaluation
Becker criteria—no. (%)N=36
 pCR (TRG1a)7 (19.4)
 TRG1b10 (27.8)
 TRG215 (41.7)
 TRG34 (11.1)
 MPR (TRG1a/b)17 (47.2)
  • MPR, major pathological response ; pCR, pathological complete response ; PERCIST, PET Response Criteria in Solid Tumors; RECIST, Response Evaluation Criteria in Solid Tumors; TRG, Tumor Regression Grade .