Table 3

Multivariate analysis of prognostic factors for overall survival

Prognostic factorsCox hazard model
HR95% CIP value
Tumor stage (recurrent after surgery and stage VI/recurrent-after chemoradiotherapy)5.000.64 to 39.060.125
Performance status (2–3/0–1)3.181.35 to 7.510.008
PD-L1 expression (50%–100%/0%–49%)1.240.56 to 2.780.596
Monocyte (median)0.640.29 to 1.400.264
Neutrophil:lymphocyte ratio (median)2.170.75 to 6.250.151
Albumin (median)1.590.68 to 3.690.283
Multivariate model (median)3.551.47 to 8.590.005
  • Each prognostic factor for overall survival was evaluated by multivariate Cox proportional hazard analysis.