Table 2

Study population, treatment, and clinical outcomes

TrialPopulationPhaseTreatmentFollow-up time (up to)mOSIR
MMStage IV melanoma (n=12)I/IIaUV1 +Ipilimumab79.5 moNR90.9%
NSCLCLocally advanced or metastatic NSCLC with SD after radiation therapy and/or chemotherapy (n=18)I/IIaUV187.3 mo28.2 mo66.7%
PCNewly diagnosed PC with non-visceral metastases and eligible for CAB (n=22)I/IIaUV1 +CAB96.3 mo61.8 mo81.8%
  • CAB, combined androgen blockade; IR, immune response rate; MM, malignant melanoma ; mo, months; mOS, median overall survival; NR, not reached; NSCLC, non-small cell lung cancer ; PC, prostate cancer ; SD, stable disease.