Table 2

Selected hyperprogression disease definitions

Tumor growth parameterDefinition of tumor growth accelerationPrebaseline tumor assessmentTumor evaluationTTFReferences
YesTarget lesionsN/AChampiat et al13
YesTarget lesionsN/ASaâda-Bouzid et al26
Early tumor burden increase>40% increase in target lesion sum from baseline
≥2 new lesions in an organ already involved at the first
spread to a new organ at the first radiological evaluation
NoTarget lesions and new lesions≤2 monthsMatos et al20
Combined parametersTGK* or TGR†+TTF <2 monthsYesTarget lesions and new lesions≤2 monthsSaâda-Bouzid et al26, Kim et al27
  • Tumor volume V=4πR3/3.

  • dt, difference between two points of time; N/A, not applicable; S, sum of major diameter of target lesions; TGD, tumor growth diameter; TGK, tumor growth kinetic represents the change of tumor diameters in a two-dimensional approach; TGR, tumor growth rate represents the change of tumor volume in a three-dimensional approach; TGV, tumor growth volume; TTF, time to failure when progression was detected.