Table 1

Summary of clinical and preclinical studies assessing the prevention of Lynch syndrome

PhaseStudy typeAgentDiseaseDelivery platformAnimal modelClinical trial noClinical trial titleStatusPublication
I and IIImmuno-preventionFSPs: 209 NeoantigensLynch SyndromeAdenovirus and
Modified vaccinia Ankara virus
n/aNCT05078866Cancer Preventive Vaccine Nous-209 for Lynch Syndrome PatientsNot yet recruitingn/a
I and IIImmuno-preventionFSPs: CASP-5 and TGFBR2;
Lynch SyndromeDendritic Celln/aNCT01885702Dendritic Cell Vaccination in Patients with Lynch Syndrome or Colorectal Cancer With MSIActive, not recruiting121
I and IIImmuno-preventionFSPs: AIM2, HT001 and TAF1BLynch SyndromePeptide vaccinationn/aNCT01461148Vaccination Against MSI Colorectal CancerCompleted115
PreclinicalImmuno-preventionCancer neoantigensMelanoma, Lymphoma, otherRNAdogsn/aVaccination Against Canine CancerRecruiting114
PreclinicalImmuno-prevention and chemopreventionAspirin, Naproxen;
FSPs: Nacad, Xirp1, Maz, Senp6
Lynch SyndromePeptide vaccinationLynch syndrome mouse modeln/aRecurrent Frameshift Neoantigen Vaccine Elicits Protective Immunity with Reduced Tumor Burden and Improved Overall Survival in a Lynch Syndrome Mouse ModelCompleted120
PreclinicalImmuno-preventionFSPs: Senp6Lynch SyndromeDendritic Celltumor transplantation mouse modeln/aOn the development of a neoantigen vaccine for the prevention of Lynch SyndromeCompleted130
  • Search terms: prevention and Lynch syndrome or frameshift peptides.

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