Table 4

Real-world clinical outcomes among avelumab-treated patients with advanced MCC

Treatment on index dateAvelumab or avelumab +systemic therapy (N=90)Avelumab only (n=86)Avelumab+systemic therapies (n=4)Patients received avelumab as 1L treatment (n=73)Patients received avelumab as 2L+ treatment (n=17)
rwDORNE (NE to NE)NE (NE to NE)NE (NE to NE)NE (NE to NE)4.6 (1.1 to NE)
rwPFS24.4 (8.3 to NE)24.4 (6.4 to NE)NE (NE to NE)36.1 (9.3 to NE)6.4 (4.5 to NE)
OS30.7 (11.2 to NE)25.7(9.7 to NE)NE (NE to NE)41.7 (10.2 to NE)15.9 (4.3 to NE)
  • Estimates represent median (95% CI) in months.

  • 1L, first line; 2L+, second or later line; MCC, Merkel cell carcinoma; NE, not estimable; OS, overall survival; rwDOR, real-world duration of response; rwPFS, real-world progression-free survival.