Table 2

Overview of observed affinities of BYON4228

Ligand for BYON4228Observed affinities (KD-obs)
Antigen on surface set-upAntibody on surface set-up
Human SIRPα1 ECD<0.010 nM1.94 nM
Human SIRPαBIT ECD0.123 nM24.3 nM
Human SIRPβ1v1 ECD0.040 nM8.66 nM*
Human SIRPβ1v2 ECD3.16 nM>100 nM†
  • *Kinetic parameters were estimated using a C1 chip instead of a CM5 chip (used for the other measurements).

  • †Fast on, fast off binding, no kinetic parameters could be estimated.

  • ECD, extracellular domain; NB, no binding; SIRP, signal-regulatory protein .