Table 1

Properties of anti-SIRPα antibodies used for in vitro comparisons

mAbSource of sequencesFc tailNames of corresponding agent in clinical trials*
HEFLBWO 2017/178653IgG4-S228P/L445PBI-765063
SIRPAB-11-K322AWO 2020/068752IgG1-K322ABMS-986351
1H9WO 2019/023347IgG1-N297AGS-0189
  • *Based on data provided in Gauttier et al,34 WO 2017/17865354 and WO 2019/175218,70 HEFLB most likely corresponds to BI-765063/OSE-172; based on identity of amino acid sequences in the publication of the International Non-proprietary Name (WHO Drug Information Vol 36 No 2 2022, p319) and WO 2020/068752,58 SIRPAB-11-K322A corresponds to anzurstobart/BMS-986351/CC-95251; based on data provided in Liu et al49 and a Forty Seven Inc. Corporate presentation of 2020,71 1H9 most likely corresponds to GS-0189/FSI-189.

  • mAb, monoclonal antibody ; SIRP, signal-regulatory protein.