Table 1

Objective responses of varying immunotherapeutic strategies in multiple solid tumor types

Immunotherapeutic strategySolid cancer typeObjective responseRefs
Immune checkpoint inhibitorsAnti PD-1Malignant pleural mesothelioma40%85
Colorectal cancer microsatellite instable23%87
Non-small cell lung cancer17%88
Hepatocellular carcinoma15–20%89
Adoptive cell therapyTIL transfer therapyMelanoma20%90
Cervical carcinoma44%91
Therapeutic vaccinationmRNA vaccine approach

SLP vaccine approach
Prostate cancer78%92
Ovarian cancer20%93
Oropharyngeal cancer30% (combination with anti PD-1)14
  • SLP, synthetic long peptide; TIL, tumor infiltrating lymphocyte.