Table 1

Patient characteristics

CharacteristicOverall, n=10
Age at onset of irHepatitis, median (range)64.5 years (32–86)
Gender distribution, patients
Therapy at onset of irHepatitis, patients
 Anti-PD1+anti-CTLA4 (ipilimumab/nivolumab)6
 Anti-PD1+anti-LAG3+IDO1 inhibitor1
Treatment line, patients
 Third and more1
Liver metastasis at onset of irHepatitis, n3
Grade of irHepatitis at infliximab, patients
 Grade 35
 Grade 45
Other irAEs preceding irHepatitis, patients
Other irAEs during irHepatitis, n
 1 irAE5
 ≥2 irAEs3
  • irAE, immune-related adverse event; irHepatitis, immune-related hepatitis.