Summary of 2-day response data

PBMC (n = 23)SIN(n = 22)
CytokineMean pre-vaccine(pg/ml)Mean post-vaccine(pg/ml)Number with increase(p value)Mean at day 22
IFN-γ8.712115 (p = 0.04)51.2
IL-20.813.715 (p = 0.07)62.3
TNF-α15.216.110 (p = ns)4.4
IL-40.8*5.0*7 (p = ns)2.8
IL-50.220.714 (p = ns)12.7
IL-101.1*1.6*9 (p = ns)2.1
Th1 sum24.8150.917 (p = 0.036)118
Th2 sum2.127.314 (p = 0.042)17.6
IFN vs IL-50.2 vs 8.720.7 vs 121p = 0.005p = 0.010
Th1 NED12.1174p = 0.091162
Th1 Disease41.211166
Total cytokines NED14.3211p = 0.11188
Total cytokines Disease43.112065

Means of cytokines and assessments of individual cytokine responses to vaccination with 6MHP. Increase from baseline required values within linear range of cytokine assay. Mean values reflect aggregate activity and outliers are notable as seen in the figures. All values are corrected for background PBMC is peripheral blood mononuclear cells and SIN are sentinel immunized nodes. NED = no evidence of disease.

*Some samples zeroed based on background correction.