Leukapheresis yield in advanced sarcoma patients

Sarcoma subtypeAgeChemotherapy prior to leukapharesisSites of diseaseLeukapharesis yield (×10^9)Yield of CD25 depletion (×10^9)
Patient 1SS47NoneSoft tissue, lung, brain7.110.99
Patient 2MRCL35RtxBone, soft tissue, lung6.91.44
Patient 3SS48A/I, HD Ifos, RtxBrain, lung5.141.2
Patient 4SS46A/I/Vincristine, Rtx/IfosLung141.365
Patient 5SS26NoneLung, kidney, soft tissue11.21.56
Patient 6SS42NoneRecurrent, locally advanced axillary disease13.761.46

Rtx - Radiation therapy; A/I - Adriamycin and Ifosfamide; Gem/tax - gemcitabine and docetaxel; Doxil - liposomal doxorubicin; A/I/DTIC - Adriamycin, Ifosfamide and Decarbazine.