TNFR-targeted agents in development

TNF receptor moleculeNameDescriptionSponsorPhase in cancer patients
4-1BB (CD137)CART19 cellsT cells transduced with antibody against CD19 linked to the intracellular signaling domains of 4-1BB and CD3-zetaUniversity of Pennsylvania and othersII
UrelumabFully human anti-CD137 agonist monoclonal antibodyBristol Myers-SquibbI
OX40Mouse monoclonal anti-OX40 agonist antibodyProvidence Health & Services and othersII
Humanized antibody against OX40Preclinical
hFcILZOX40LRecombinant human Fc:OX40L fusion proteinProvidence Portland Medical CenterPreclinical
GITRTRX518Humanized anti-GITR agonist monoclonal antibodyGITR, Inc.I
GITRL RNA DCGITRL-expressing DCsDuke UniversityI
CD27CDX-1127Fully human anti-CD27 agonist monoclonal antibodyCelldex TherapeuticsI

Abbreviation: DCs Dendritic Cells, GITR Glucocorticoid-Induced TNFR-Related Gene, GITRL GITR Ligand, TNF Tumor-Necrosis Factor, TNFR Tumor-Necrosis Factor Receptor.