Summary of talimogene laherparepvec responses by lesion-type

Overall tumor responseOverall lesion-type response
n (%)n (%)n (%)n (%)
Any37 (100)14 (37.8)8 (21.6)15 (40.5)
At least 1 baseline uninjected lesion35 (100)12 (34.3)6 (17.1)13 (37.1)
Baseline uninjected non-visceral only23 (100)10 (43.5)5 (21.7)11 (47.8)
At least 1 visceral lesion at baseline12 (100)2 (16.7)1 (8.3)2 (16.7)

Denominator is the total number of patients in corresponding patient lesion-type subgroup

Objective response (OR), and complete response (CR) as per investigator-reported responses. Overall lesion response was reported as the proportion of patients with a ≥ 30 % decrease in overall lesion burden. OR was evaluated by modified RECIST.

Overall lesion type response: max decrease ≥ 30 % in overall lesion-type burden from baseline in patient lesion-type subgroup and in total tumor burden for “Any”

All patients received at least one dose of talimogene laherparepvec