Response of Renca-MUC1 tumors to radiation and vaccine and tumor rechallenge

aResponders/CuredbImmune to RechallengecIFN-γ Mean Spots ± SD
# Mice/TotalPercent
Rad + Empty Vector3/2015%3/3140.4 ± 29.4
Rad + Vaccine (Schedule 1)11/4524%9/9156.4 ± 24.6
Vaccine + Rad (Schedule 2)17/2958%7/8152.6 ± 24.1

Data were compiled from three independent experiments

aResponders/Cured: Responders were characterized by inhibition of tumor growth or complete tumor regression

bImmune to rechallenge: Responding and non-responding mice were challenged with 1x105 Renca-MUC1 cells injected in the left flank contralateral to the Renca-MUC1 primary tumor on day 40–60

cIFN-γ: Splenocytes were obtained from mice at 3-4 weeks after tumor rechallenge, stimulated with Renca-MUC1 cells in vitro and tested for production of IFN-γ in an ELISPOT assay