Response rates and median overall survival with FDA approved anti-PD-1/PD-L1 blockade in metastatic urothelial carcinoma

MedicationPhase# PatientsORR (%)PFS (m.)OS (m.)PD-L1 ResponseReference
Metastatic 2nd Line TherapyAtezolizumabI10021.08Powles et al. [7]
II31015.02.17.9PD-L1 on IC > 5% associated with ORR, testing not required for treatmentRosenberg et al. [8]
PembrolizumabIIIP27021.62.110.3PD-L1 TC and IC composite score > 10%, no difference in ORR or mOSBellmunt et al. [13]
NivolumabII27019.62.08.74PD-L1 on TC > 1% not associated with ORR but associated with OSSharma et al. [11]
AvelumabIb/II24117.61.67.0PD-L1 on TC > 5% associated with improved ORR, no OS data as of yetApolo et al. [22]Patel et al. [23]
DurvalumabIb19117.8Composite biomarker of PD-L1 > 25% on TC or IC predicts response rates, approved companion diagnosticMassard et al. [19, 21]
Metastatic 1st Line*AtezolizumabII10023.02.715.9PD-L1 on IC not associated with improved ORR or mOSBalar et al. [10]
PembrolizumabII37029.0PD-L1 TC and IC composite score with cutoff of 10%, no difference noted in ORRBalar et al. [16]

*Cisplatin Ineligible Patients