Baseline expression of PD-L1

Classic subsetsRefined subsetsMedian % PBMCMedian % parent
PD-L1+ CD40.080.25
PD-L1+ ICOS+ CD40.050.81
PD-L1+ naïve CD40.010.26
PD-L1+ CM CD40.020.28
PD-L1+ EM CD40.060.31
PD-L1+ EMRA CD40.010.35
PD-L1+ CD80.040.29
PD-L1+ naïve CD8<0.010.40
PD-L1+ CM CD8<0.010.41
PD-L1+ EM CD80.020.26
PD-L1+ EMRA CD80.010.30
PD-L1+ Tregs<0.010.38
PD-L1+ NK0.061.03
PD-L1+ mature NK0.040.97
PD-L1+ functional intermediate NK<0.010.31
PD-L1+ immature NK<0.010.66
PD-L1+ unconventional NK0.025.58
PD-L1+ NK-T0.031.34
PD-L1+ B cells0.8811.22
PD-L1+ cDC0.027.12
PD-L1+ pDC0.029.85
PD-L1+ MDSC0.7116.54
PD-L1+ mMDSC0.104.81
PD-L1+ gMDSC0.2635.77
PD-L1+ lin neg MDSC0.1718.75

In 28 patients prior to avelumab therapy, expression of PD-L1 was measured by flow cytometry in 9 classic subsets and 16 refined subsets as both percentage of total PBMC and of parental cell type

cDC conventional dendritic cells, CM central memory, EM effector memory, EMRA terminally differentiated effector memory, gMDSC granulocytic MDSC, ICOS inducible T cell co-stimulator, lin neg MDSCs lineage negative MDSCs, MDSC myeloid derived suppressor cell, mMDSC monocytic MDSC, NK natural killer, pDC plasmacytoid DC, PD-L1 programmed cell death ligand-1, Tregs regulatory T cells