DFS and OS comparisons in stratified groups of patients with favorable and unfavorable signatures

Groups comparedDFSOS
Hazard Ratio95% CI of ratioLog rank pGehan Breslow pHazard Ratio95% CI of ratioLog rank pGehan Breslow p
Grade 3 FCIS vs UCIS0.20950.03457 to 1.2700.08910.07190.14380.01995 to 1.0360.05430.0589
FCIS Grade 3 vs Grade 1,21.6040.1247 to 20.630.7170.62380.29310.001887 to 45.530.63360.6336
T2,3 status FCIS vs UCIS0.19240.04993 to 0.74170.01670.01390.20150.04510 to 0.90000.03590.0462
FCIS T2,3 vs T11.6840.2194 to 12.920.61620.37759.4880.1837 to 490.00.26360.2636
LN pos FCIS vs UCIS0.18650.04807 to 0.72330.01520.00540.10350.02048 to 0.52310.00610.0070
FCIS LN pos vs LN neg1.3750.1876 to 10.080.7540.92290.16530.003201 to 8.5370.37110.3711
Advanced stage FCIS vs UCIS0.18540.04531 to 0.75870.01910.01550.15840.02981 to 0.84170.03060.0336
FCIS Adv. stage vs Early stage3.3690.1545 to 73.430.43990.299500 to 011