Histological scoring of immune cell infiltrates in tumors treated with radiation and vaccine

ControlRadiationRad + VaccineVaccine + Rad
F4/80+ cells+++++++++
CD45+ cells+++++++++++
CD4+TH cells±+++++++++
CD8+ CTL cells+++++++++++

Tumors were either treated with the sequence of radiation followed by vaccine (Rad + Vaccine) or vaccine followed by radiation (Vaccine + Rad) as shown in Fig. 2a. The extent of inflammatory infiltration in treated tumors, which is presented in Figs. 3 and 4, was scaled from mild (±), moderate (+), strong (+ +), very strong (+ + +), to heavy (+ + + +) for immune cell markers including F4/80+ macrophages, CD45+ leukocytes, CD4+ TH cells and CD8+ CTL