TDE proteins that are greater than moderately expressed and shared between different cells that cause the induction of suppressor T cells

ProteinAccession no.MWTu167 TDE Spectral CountsHN60 TDE Spectral CountsSCC0209 TDE Spectral CountsCaco2 TDE Spectral Counts
Collagen alpha-1(XII) chain long isoform precursor93141047333 kDa10132235
EGF-containing fibulin-like extracellular matrix protein8678801555 kDa2011490
Fibrillin-128148555078 kDa16261900
galectin-1450498115 kDa1414250
Latent-transforming growth factor beta-binding protein 24557733195 kDa3217580
Thrombospodin-240317628130 kDa12511820
Transforming growth factor-beta-induced protein ig-h3 precursor450746775 kDa83671696