Clinical trials with immune checkpoint inhibitors and given adverse event profiles

DrugAuthorTumor TypeNumber of PatientsTaken off therapy secondary to toxicityDeath secondary to therapyElevation AST any gradeElevation AST grade 3–4Elevation ALT any gradeElevation ALT grade 3–4Diarrhea any gradeDiarrhea grade 3–4
TremelimumabSangro et al. 2013 [14]HCC203014911561
Tremelimumab + ablationDuffy et al. 2016 [13]HCC32401176320
NivolumabEl-Khoueiry et al. 2017 [15]HCC262902614248323
PembrolizumabGaron et al. 2015 [33]NSCLC495NRNR153112403
PembrolizumabReck et al. 2016 [34]NSCLC154111NRNRNRNR226
PembrolizumabHerbst et al. 2016 [35]NSCLC682326172243526
NivolumabBorghaei et al. 2015 [36]NSCLC2871419190222
NivolumabBrahmer et al. 2015 [37]NSCLC131402020100
NivolumabRizvi et al. 2015 [38]NSCLC1171420010123
IpilimumabWolchok et al. 2010 [39]Melanoma214350NRNRNRNR6614
IpilimumabHodi et al. 2010 [23]Melanoma13117410204613
IpilimumabRobert et al. 2015 [40]Melanoma25624162927926
IpilimumabEggermont et al. 2015 [22]Melanoma471245578201022527081
IpilimumabLarkin et al. 2015 [41]Melanoma31146112511213946
TremelimumabCamacho et al. 2009 [42]Melanoma89100NRNRNRNR3413
TremelimumabRibas et al. 2013 [43]Melanoma325437NRNRNRNR16660
TremelimumabKirkwood et al. 2010 [44]Melanoma246132NRNRNRNR9928
PembrolizumabRobert et al. 2014 [45]Melanoma173605060221
PembrolizumabRobert et al. 2015 [40]Melanoma55530020116110221
PembrolizumabRibas et al. 2015 [46]Melanoma357170NRNRNRNR342
NivolumabTopalian et al. 2014 [47]Melanoma1071704050192
NivolumabRobert et al. 2015 [48]Melanoma2101402132332
NivolumabWeber et al. 2015 [49]Melanoma2687011172301
NivolumabLarkin et al. 2015 [41]Melanoma313241123124649
NivolumabWeber et al. 2016 [50]Melanoma92005060391

HCC Hepatocellular Carcinoma, NSCLC Non-small cell lung cancer, AST aspartate aminotransferase, ALT alanine aminotransferase, NR not reported