Sample statistics on proportions of patients in N trials with adverse events as shown. P-values are by an exact form of the Kruskal-Wallis test for comparison of the trial results among all three disease types, while they are by an exact form of the Wilcoxon rank sum test for comparison of trial results between HCC and NSCLC or melanoma

Overall ComparisonHCC vs NSCLCHCC vs melanoma
DiseaseVariableMeanNStandard ErrorLower QuartileMedianUpper Quartilep-valuep-valuep-value
HCCTaken off therapy secondary to toxicity0.1030.
Death secondary to therapy0.0030.
Elevation AST any grade0.3830.170.100.340.700.00510.0360.011
Elevation AST grade 3–40.2430.
Elevation ALT any grade0.2830.
Elevation ALT grade 3–40.1230.
Diarrhea any grade0.1630.
Diarrhea grade 3–40.0230.
NSCLCTaken off therapy secondary to toxicity0.0650.
Death secondary to therapy0.0150.
Elevation AST any grade0.0250.
Elevation AST grade 3–40.0050.
Elevation ALT any grade0.0250.
Elevation ALT grade 3–40.0050.
Diarrhea any grade0.1060.
Diarrhea grade 3–40.0260.
MelanomaTaken off therapy secondary to toxicity0.11160.
Death secondary to therapy0.01160.
Elevation AST any grade0.04110.
Elevation AST grade 3–40.01110.
Elevation ALT any grade0.05110.
Elevation ALT grade 3–40.01110.
Diarrhea any grade0.30160.040.170.310.41
Diarrhea grade 3–40.07160.