Abscopal effect

aResponders/CuredbImmune to RechallengecIFN-γ Mean Spots ± SD
# Mice/TotalPercent
Vaccine + Rad (Schedule 2)4/850%4/4147.2 ± 7.8

To test for abscopal effect, established Renca-MUC1tumors were treated either with vehicle (control), 8Gy radiation or vaccine followed by radiation (schedule 2, Fig. 2a). aResponders/Cured: Responders were characterized by inhibition of tumor growth or complete tumor regression. bAt an early time point after treatment, 7 days after radiation and one day after the second vaccine treatment, mice were rechallenged with Renca-MUC1 cells on the contralateral left flank. cOn day 70, the splenocytes of mice immune to rechallenge were tested in IFN-γ ELISPOT assay