Association of cancer stage and irAE in patients with melanoma or solid tumor

Cancer stage IIIn = 25Cancer stage IVn = 232P
Diarrhea/colitisa18 (72.0)82 (35.3)0.001
IrAE immunosuppressant treatmentb
Steroid alone4 (16.0)38 (16.4)1.000
Steroid/Infliximab12 (48.0)23 (9.9)< 0.001
Mean length of steroid treatment (days, SD)59 (33)59 (85)0.962

Abbreviations: irAE, ICPI related adverse event; SD, standard deviation

aTotal 17 patients with diarrhea/colitis had missing staging information

bImmunosuppressant treatment was administrated in total 77 patients