Percentage of 9 Classic Subsets Expressing PD-L1

PTPT3PT7PT11PT14Median of PTsHD1HD2Median of HDs
Days Post TxD98D561D456D596D448
PD-L1 + CD41.
PD-L1 + CD80.
PD-L1 + Treg0.
PD-L1 + NK3.
PD-L1 + NKT38.
PD-L1 + B cells19.456.7514.1212.8313.1413.129.3214.0021.7
PD-L1 + cDc25.
PD-L1 + pDc< 0.01< 0.01< 0.01< 0.01< 0.01< 0.01< 0.01< 0.01< 0.01
PD-L1 + MDSC19.3411.8110.1211.4215.1111.84.375.765.1

Expression of PD-L1 in 9 classic subsets was measured by flow cytometry in 4 patients, where PBMCs were available, after treatment with durvalumab and olaparib. Results are displayed as % of classic subsets that express PD-L1. cDC conventional dendritic cells, MDSC myeloid derived suppressor cell, NK natural killer, pDC plasmacytoid DC, PD-L1 programmed cell death ligand-1, Tregs regulatory T cells