Patient diagnostic evaluation data (n = 28)

CharacteristicNo. of patients (%)
Endoscopy and histologic features
 Type of endoscopy
  Colonoscopy22 (79)
  Flexible sigmoidoscopy6 (21)
 Endoscopic findings on initial evaluation
  Ulceration8 (29)
  Nonulcerative inflammation13 (46)
  Normal7 (25)
 Endoscopic distribution
  Extensive14 (50)
  Left colon only5 (18)
  Isolated small bowel2 (7)
 Histological inflammation on initial evaluation
  Active features28 (100)
  Chronic features14 (50)
  Microscopic10 (36)
  Median no. of endoscopic procedures (IQR)2 (1–7)
 Diagnostic laboratory studies
  Mean duration of laboratory follow-up, months (SD)3 (4)
  Positive fecal lactoferrin at onset of diarrheaa23 (100)
  Positive fecal lactoferrin after vedolizumab therapyb11 (79)
  Mean fecal calprotectin value at onset of diarrhea μg/g (SD)c329 (276)
Mean fecal calprotectin value at follow-up μg/g (SD)d218 (262)

Abbreviations: IQR, interquartile range; SD, standard deviation.

aLactoferrin was initially measured for 23 patients

bLactoferrin was measured at follow-up for 14 patients

cCalprotectin was initially measured for 19 patients

dCalprotectin was measured at follow-up for 13 patients