Patient characteristics: table below summarizes the individual patient characteristics

PatientAge at start of P (y)Stage at diagn-osisPrior treatment before KIPD-L1 statusKITime on KI alone (m)Time on KI + P (m)Change in target lesions and BOR on KI + PPFS On KI + P (m)OS from KI (m)OS from KI+P (m)Alive (A)/Deceased (D)
156IVCBC, CXRT5%DT4.33.132% PD0.77.43.1D
268IVCBC30%DT9.63.821% PD1.513.43.8D
357IVBSg, CXRT80%L1.96.919% PD1.58.96.9D
458IVCSg, CXRT5%DT26.213.9−7% SD0.640.113.9A
560IVCBC50%L5.515.8−8% SD12.821.415.8A
647IVBSg, CXRT60%DT2.43−14% SD35.43D
769IVCCXRTn/ADT24.1−19% SD3.16.24.1D
860IVCSC, BC> 95%DT1.26.2−35% PR6.27.46.2A
984IVCSg-Lobectomy> 10%L2.18.3−45% PR8.310.48.3D
1057IVCSC, XRTn/AL2.416.1−47% PR13.118.516.1A
1173IVCSg, RAI20%T3.74.9−48% PR2.66.74.9A
1276IVBSg, RAI> 90%L1.55−69% PR55.85D

Sg Surgery, CXRT Chemoradiation, BC Bridging chemotherapy with paclitaxel with or without carboplatin while awaiting KI, SC Systemic cytotoxic chemotherapy, XRT external beam radiation, RAI radioactive iodine, DT dabrafenib+trametinib, L lenvatinib, T trametinib alone, w weeks, m months, y years, KI kinase inhibitor, BOR best overall response, PFS progression-free survival, OS overall survival, PD progressive disease, SD stable disease, PR, partial response