Genes in the Tumor Inflammation Signature

TIS BiologyGeneProteinFunction
Antigen Presenting Cell AbundancePSMB10PSB10Immunoproteosome Subunit
HLA-DQA1MHC class II DQA1MHC Class II Antigen Presentation
HLA-DRB1MHC class II DRB1MHC Class II Antigen Presentation
CMKLR1CML1Chemokine Receptor
T Cell/ NK Cell AbundanceHLA-EHLAENonclassical Class I Antigen Presentation
NKG7NKG7Cytolytic Granule Protein
CD8ACD8AMHC Class I Coreceptor
IFN ActivityCCL5CCL5Monocytes and Memory T cells Chemoattractant
CXCL9CXCL9Lymphocyte Chemoattractant
CD27CD27Lymphocyte Activation
CXCR6CXCR6T cell Activation
IDO1IDOInhibitor of T cell Proliferation and Function
STAT1STAT1Transcription Factor Mediating IFN Response
T Cell ExhaustionTIGITTIGITInhibitor of T cell Function
LAG3LAG3Inhibitor of T cell Function
CD274PD-L1Inhibitor of T cell Function
PDCD1LG2PD-L2Inhibitor of T cell Function
CD276B7-H3Inhibitor of T cell Function