Changes in FLT SUVs, RECIST size measurements, and PSA levels from baseline to 12 weeks were included in Cox proportional hazards regression models to assess association with progression-free survival time

PredictorC-indexaC-index P valueHazard RatioHR P valueNb
Traditional markers of responseChange PSA0.72(0.50 to 0.94)0.052.34(1.18 to 4.62)0.0117 (12)
Change soft tissue tumor size (RECIST)0.59(0.54 to 0.63)< 0.011.78(0.60 to 5.29)0.307 (6)
FLT PET changes in lymphoid organsChange left axillary lymph node SUVmean0.70(0.48 to 0.91)0.070.89(0.43 to 1.84)0.7516 (11)
Change spleen SUVmean0.73(0.56 to 0.90)0.012.14(1.11 to 4.12)0.0216 (11)
Change bone marrow SUVmean0.65(0.41 to 0.89)0.221.94(0.98 to 3.86)0.0617 (12)
FLT PET changes in tumorsChange tumor SUVmean0.83(0.71 to 0.95)< 0.013.38(1.01 to 11.28)0.0510 (8)
Change tumor SUVtotal0.69(0.59 to 0.79)< 0.011.53(0.76 to 3.10)0.2410 (8)

aConcordance index (95% confidence interval shown in parenthesis)

b N = number of patients included in calculation (value in parenthesis is number of patients that were not censored)