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Celebrating 10 Years

The year 2022 marks an important milestone for JITC as the journal begins its 10th year of publication. Similar to the immunotherapy field as a whole, JITC has experienced tremendous evolution and growth over the past decade. Join us in looking back at the journal’s history as we celebrate major accomplishments and continue to move forward with many more years of offering innovative research and supporting the advancement of the immunotherapy field. Read an Editorial from JITC and SITC leaders: Celebrating a decade of JITC twitter-icon

Join the celebration at SITC 2022

Gather with JITC editors, reviewers, authors, and readers to celebrate major accomplishments in the journal and in the field during the JITC 10th Anniversary Celebration Reception at SITC 2022 on Friday, November 11th at 7pm EST in Boston, MA. To view more activities, please visit JITC at SITC 2022. (Note: Must be registered for SITC’s Annual Meeting in order to attend) SITC 2022 logo

Explore JITC’s milestones with this interactive infographic

Look back at the journal’s 10-year journey through its major milestones and high-impact content. TC 30th Anniversary ad 170mm x 218mm (210 × 297mm) - FINAL (1)

Editorial: Celebrating a decade of JITC

An Editorial authored by JITC and SITC leadership reflects on the journal’s history and looks forward to the journal’s future. Read the Editorial.

JITC Fireside Chat: Celebrating 10 years

Watch SITC President Dr. Patrick Hwu and JITC leadership discuss the journal’s launch, challenges, and successes during the past 10 years. Watch the Fireside Chat Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer

Read JITC‘s top articles

We have collated a list of our most-cited articles for 2020 and 2021. You can also browse articles by topic collection. Top cited articles                                      Topic Collections
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