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Basic Tumor Immunology

Section Edited by Cornelis J.M. Melief, MD, PhD and Sjoerd H. van der Burg, PhD Tumor antigens, innate and adaptive anti-tumor immune mechanisms, immune regulation, immune response, cancer and inflammation, preclinical models, chemotherapy and radiotherapy interactions/combinations of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, other combination treatments with the anti-tumor immune response, and oncolytic viruses.

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T cells of colorectal cancer patients’ stimulated by neoantigenic and cryptic peptides better recognize autologous tumor cells
Sandra Schwarz, Johanna Schmitz, Markus W Löffler, Michael Ghosh, Hans-Georg Rammensee, Evgenia Olshvang, Marvin Markel, Nadine Mockel-Tenbrinck, Andrzej Dzionek, Susann Krake, Basak Arslan, Kapil Dev Kampe, Anne Wendt, Peter Bauer, Christina S MullinsSee the full list of authors

2 December 2022

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