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Case Reports

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Dasatinib for treatment of CAR T-cell therapy-related complications
Katharina Baur, Dominik Heim, Astrid Beerlage, Anna S Poerings, Bastian Kopp, Michael Medinger, Jan C Dirks, Jakob R Passweg, Andreas Holbro

1 December 2022

Rechallenge of immune checkpoint inhibitors in a case with adverse events inducing myasthenia gravis
Wen Gao, Lingxiang Wu, Shidai Jin, Jun Li, Xinyin Liu, Jiali Xu, Wei Zhang, Qixing Gong, Chunxiao Sun, Wei Wang, Zidun Wang, Yang W Shao, Jiani C Yin, Lu Shen, Liang ChenSee the full list of authors

30 November 2022

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