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Clinical/Translational Cancer Immunotherapy

Section Edited by Douglas G. McNeel, MD, PhD; Claudia Palena, PhD; and Jeffrey S. Weber, MD, PhD First-in-man clinical trials (prospective clinical data only); phase II/III clinical studies; immune monitoring investigations; tumor microenvironment; combination therapies; and cell therapies.

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Anti-CD73 antibody activates human B cells, enhances humoral responses and induces redistribution of B cells in patients with cancer
Richard A Miller, Jason John Luke, Shenshen Hu, Suresh Mahabhashyam, William B Jones, Thomas Marron, Jaime R Merchan, Brett G M Hughes, Stephen B Willingham

5 December 2022

Immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy and outcomes from SARS-CoV-2 infection in patients with cancer: a joint analysis of OnCovid and ESMO-CoCARE registries
Alessio Cortellini, Gino M Dettorre, Urania Dafni, Juan Aguilar-Company, Luis Castelo-Branco, Matteo Lambertini, Spyridon Gennatas, Vasileios Angelis, Ailsa Sita-Lumsden, Jacobo Rogado, Paolo Pedrazzoli, David Viñal, Aleix Prat, Maura Rossi, Rossana BerardiSee the full list of authors

30 November 2022

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